Round 1 • 29-30 Apr 2023 • Misano Circuit

Round 2 • 13-14 May 2023 • Mugello Circuit

Round 3 • 17-18 Jun 2023 • Vallelunga Circuit

Round 4 • 29-30 Jul 2023 • Misano Circuit

Round 5 • 02-03 Sep 2023 • Mugello Circuit

Round 6 • 07-08 Oct 2023 • Imola Circuit


The Italian Speed Championship (CIV) represents the highest Italian national motorcycle championship played on routes with asphalted surfaces.

It was born in 1911, with the First Road Motorcycle Championship, and there are many phases that have transformed it into the CIV we know today.

From the era of city circuits (from 1946 to 1972) to that of racetracks (from 1973 to 1999), then the revolution, in 2000, which in fact sanctioned the birth of the CIV.

From Minimoto to the most important Italian circuits, up to the World Championship: this is the speed path of FMI, which begins with the CIV Junior, at the age of 8.

CIV Junior

This is the very first step to racing a motorcycle and it’s the event that links the Italian Minimoto and MiniGP Championships.

It begins with the Minimoto and the Cadet classes (from 8 to 10 years) and the Junior classes (from 9 to 11 years), without forgetting those reserved for the older ones, namely Open (maximum age 25 years) and Amateurs (over 25 years old).

It then continues with the Italian MiniGP Championship, with PreMiniGP (from 10 to 12 years old) and MiniGP50 (from 11 to 13 years old) classes.

It’s divided into 6 rounds, spread over 5 weekends, and it takes place on prestigious circuits such as Franciacorta and Vallelunga.

And the next step…is to attain the CIV.


And this is where you join the grown-ups, from the Premoto3 class (divided into 125 2t and 250 4t), starting the real Italian Speed ​​Championship.

Talking about CIV means thinking about Italian circuits that have hosted some of the most exciting world challenges: Imola, Misano, Mugello and Vallelunga.

Along with the Premoto3, you’ll see the protagonists of Moto3, Superbike and SuperSport (600 and 300) classes, ready to get on track for exciting challenges.

The championship takes place over 5 race weekends, for a total of 10 rounds.

Proof of the very high level of the championship is the attendance of constructors such as Aprilia, Ducati, Yamaha and Kawasaki, as well as the presence of tire suppliers such as Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli.

Not by chance the CIV has contributed, over the years, to training riders such as Pirro, Fenati, Locatelli, Morbidelli and Petrucci, all names later landed in the World Championship, the last, the highest and the most coveted step.

Among these young riders, the best can be supported by the “Talenti Azzurri San Carlo” program, joining the San Carlo Team Italia FMI and the Moto3 World Championship.

Coppa Italia

The Coppa Italia is an unprecedented formula in which professional and amateur riders challenge each other on the most beautiful Italian circuits, within different trophies.


This acronym means “Campionato Italiano Velocità in Salita”.
The CIVS is reserved to riders who want to compete on street circuits. It’s the discipline from which began, in the past, the great champion Giacomo Agostini.


It’s the perfect class for those who love track races.
The FMI Cup includes all the non-FMI Italian speed races.
From the Centauro Trophy to the Motoestate, from the Moto Varano Trophy to the Malossi Scooter Trophy and so on.


CIV is the name of an actual technical, sport and image project, based on all the national motorcycle activities on track and directly organized by the Italian Motorcycle Federation.

The successes in Europe, at youth level, and the presence of Italian riders in international competitions testify the effectiveness of this initiative.

The project can be adjustable according to the objectives and the area of ​​interest of a sponsor.

  • Full TV coverage on Sky Sport MotoGP HD, AutomotoTV and live streaming on Elevensports.it and Facebook.
  • All the sector media are present.
  • 40,000 total audience.
  • 400 riders registered between CIV and combined Trophies.

Championship Performance

Total TV Media Value: € 3,172.729
Total Press Media Value: € 4,321.693
Total Online Media Value: € 4,284.856

Total Championship Average Value: € 11,779.278
Total Contacts: 27,363,000
Total Sponsor Media Value: € 12,872.221

Press Circulation: 13,692,000
Online Unique Browsers: 11,699,000
TV Audience: 1,972,000

TV – Visibility (hh.mm.ss): 1064.56.07 Media Value: € 6.305.701
Press – Visibility: 79,097 (cm²) Media Value: € 3,397,548
Online – Visibility: 191.287 (cm²) Media Value: € 3.168.972


The offer for the companies of the Italian Speed ​​Championship combines the more traditional sponsorship formulas (main sponsor, official sponsor and official supplier) with direct and measurable commercial opportunities, full of services and packages that can be completely customized, based on the different budgets and objectives.

The strength of the CIV is attributable to the numbers given both by the totality of 4 different championships, integrated with each other and among which the partner can choose which one to support, and by the synergy with the FMI network, which allows to reach 120,000 families.

From a socio-demographic point of view, the target is extremely extended, heterogeneous and transversal, but certainly uniform within it due to the values commonly attributed to it: according to 90% of the sample interviewed, motorcycling means entertainment, freedom, involvement and sharing.


The CIV race weekends represent the ideal time for business-to-business initiatives.

Partners and their guests will enjoy the highest quality hospitality thanks to a reserved room where to eat, follow the races and, at the same time, discuss business.

They’ll first-hand experience the unique atmosphere of motorcycling, with a dedicated staff who will accompany them in the pits, on the starting grid and on the track.

The dream of taking a lap of the circuit sitting behind a professional rider or aboard the safety car will become an unforgettable emotion.

By making a limited investment, companies will be able to link their image to that of the CIV: they’ll appear with their own brand in the promotional-advertising communication and will use the CIV logo and the wording “Technical Partner”.

They’ll have the opportunity to present their products and to carry out assistance activities for members of the championships, as well as having access passes for their clients.

The package will also includes the FMI industries license with related benefits, while any exhibition space in the paddock will be offered separately, at preferential conditions.

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