Did you know that consumers tend to trust third party recommendations far more than a brand? The statistics speak for themselves: 70% of people trust the review of a complete stranger.
If someone told you: “I’m the best player of my team”, would you automatically believe it? Probably not. You’d end up being skeptical, thinking: “He’s just bragging.”

But what if someone else came up and told you that it’s true, that that guy is actually the best player of his team? You’re more likely to believe it, right? This is because opinions and recommendations are able to influence the most when they do not come from the source itself.

Aware of this, most digital marketers include company logos and testimonials as evidence on their web pages to build trust and influence visitor behavior.

Another way to achieve the same result is through influencer marketing, which has become, over the years, one of the main strategies for expanding brand awareness and building successful businesses.


Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy used to reach famous people in order to get their cooperation in promoting a product or service.

In recent years, the influence marketing industry has grown very rapidly: in 2017, its value was equal to 1.07 billion dollars worldwide.

This kind of marketing is ideal for generating an increase in traffic and sales for your business, because your influencer’s audience trusts him and is naturally led to listen and follow his advice.

It’s important to keep in mind that, when it comes to influencer marketing, the quality of the audience reached weighs much more than its quantity.

This means that it’s essential to choose influencers relevant to your target audience, so that your advertising campaign is perfectly in line with the interests of the latter.

In fact, your influencer’s message could reach 30 million people, but if those 30 million people have no need or desire to buy your product or service, both your efforts and your money…will most likely go wasted.

For this reason, there are important and well-defined criteria to be respected in the “audience selection” phase: niche, gender, personality/profession.

Equally important is to consider where your influencers will direct their audience after mentioning your brand and intriguing them. The best place? A personalized landing page.


Though well planned and well built, a single digital marketing campaign is not enough to expand your business. However targeted, in fact, there’s always something you can use to make your efforts even more effective.

Whether you’re trying to reach a whole new audience, or you’re hoping to find an advertising method that’s not that invasive, influencer marketing is exactly what you need.

After devising an influencer marketing strategy, we’ll make sure to drive your traffic to a professional post-click landing page, so that your new visitors can receive your message and become actual customers.

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