Mirko Zanardini (Bad Wolves Racing Club, Wolf GB08 Thunder #12)


Round 1 • 23 Apr 2023 • Imola

Round 2 • 21 May 2023 • Pergusa

Round 3 • 25 Jun 2023 • Monza

Round 4 • 17 Sep 2023 • Monza

Round 5 • 01 Oct 2023 • Mugello

Round 6 • 15 Oct 2023 • Vallelunga


The Italian Sport Prototypes Championship is the competition reserved for sportscars, or racing cars, designed and created solely to be used in races and modeled to achieve maximum speed and perfect dynamic balance.

To eliminate the resistance and allow the maximum speed peaks on the straights, the air must graze its shapes.

Not only that: there must be a crushing force on the ground that pushes on the wings and sucks up the mass from the rear extractor to ensure the highest possible travel stability in slow and fast curves, braking and restarts.

The performance achieved by these cars is the result of a sophisticated alchemy between forces, combining driver’s sensory analysis and technicians’ digital processing.

It’s a real research and study plan that enhances and perfects driving and setting skills, pulling cars and drivers towards the maximum sporting result.

Mirko Zanardini (Bad Wolves Racing Club, Wolf GB08 Thunder #12)

Until 2022, the protagonist cars of the Italian Sport Prototypes Championship will be the Wolf GB08 Thunder.

The brand that has written unforgettable pages in the history of Formula 1 and which, under the guidance of the Bellarosa family, has won so much in the category, now gives life to a new, technically refined creature.

Single-seater carbon fiber frame, in perfect compliance with FIA Formula 1 2005 safety standards, ultra-light bodywork that dresses and wraps the body of the car in a unique and futuristic shape starting from the nose and covered wheels, up to the narrow sides of the passenger compartment and to the generous rear wing.

These features make it an authentic aesthetic ode to aerodynamics and speed.

Furthermore, the weight of these cars is to the advantage of absolute performance: they do not exceed 378 kg, reaching 470 with the driver. Over 260 kg less than a modern F1 and almost 900 kg lighter than a sports supercar like the Ferrari 488 Pista. Values of incredible incidence both in terms of car dynamics and driving intuitiveness.

The Italian Sport Prototypes Championship represents a technical and competitive show that comes to life in the main racetracks in Italy, authentic motorsport arenas among the most popular in the world.

There are six double-race appointments, lasting 25 minutes + 1 lap, to be run all in one go and with the maximum competitive charge, starting from a very rich grid.

Giacomo Pollini (ASD Giacomo Race, Wolf GB08 Thunder #6)
Mirko Zanardini (Bad Wolves Racing Club, Wolf GB08 Thunder #12)



Total broadcast: 148 hours, 5 minutes, 12 seconds.
Contacts per single event: 945,000.


A total value of 4,588,000 Euros.


Over 4 million contacts.
National daily sports press, specialized and local press develop 4,200,000 contacts per single event.


Contacts per single event: 855,000.

Giacomo Pollini (ASD Giacomo Race, Wolf GB08 Thunder #6)
Riccardo Ponzio (SG Motors, Wolf GB08 Thunder #71)
Davide Uboldi (Uboldi Corse, Wolf GB08 Thunder #8)


The offer for the companies of the Italian Sport Prototypes ​​Championship combines the more traditional sponsorship formulas (main sponsor, official sponsor and official supplier) with direct and measurable commercial opportunities, full of services and packages that can be completely customized, based on the different budgets and objectives.

From a socio-demographic point of view, the target is extremely extended, heterogeneous and transversal, but certainly uniform within it due to the values commonly attributed to it: according to 90% of the sample interviewed, motorcycling means entertainment, freedom, involvement and sharing.

Giacomo Pollini (ASD Giacomo Race, Wolf GB08 Thunder #6)
Riccardo Ponzio (SG Motors, Wolf GB08 Thunder #71)

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