Choosing the Hospitality of events related to the world of Motorsport means winning new customers and loyaling your own partners, but also rewarding your employees and collaborators with a special, unforgettable and exciting day, giving them a front row seat in the most important Paddocks of the world.

Hospitality, in fact, is the perfect context to break down the professional barriers of the customer-supplier relationship, it’s the optimal habitat for establishing new, firm and lasting relationships with your guests, making the moments related to the business life exciting, allowing you to conclude new negotiations more easily.

But there’s more: thanks to the Hospitality, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know all the protagonists of Motorsport and to breathe the offstage of the sports you love the most, accessible, until now, only to insiders.

SponsoRace offers tailor-made solutions, fulfilling the needs of any company.

Each event is customized and created ad hoc according to customer requirements so as to ensure the uniqueness of each circumstance.

The world of Hospitality will give you unforgettable memories, prestige, new professional ties and the opportunity to create new and profitable B2C and B2B business relationships with the most important companies worldwide.


Sport is a transversal and universally loved communication tool. For this reason it’s the best way to reach your customers’ hearts.

Sports sponsorship is extremely profitable, as it allows you to maximize your budget and obtain significant returns on investment.

From a socio-demographic point of view, the Motorsport target is extremely extended, heterogeneous and transversal, but certainly uniform within it due to the values commonly attributed to it: according to 90% of the sample interviewed, Motorsport means entertainment, freedom, involvement and sharing.

In this way, Hospitality becomes a real, powerful marketing tool to amaze and win over partners and customers, essential for giving a clear positioning and image to any brand.

The customization of this area, its layout and the high-level food and wine proposal offered will become strategic elements to raise or confirm the image that a company wants to give both to its sponsors and to its guests.

The Hospitality area won’t be a simple space in which to quickly refresh between one lap and another: it’ll be a commercial showcase, the place in which to entertain guests and also to meet other entrepreneurs.

It’ll be the essence of your every new collaboration, negotiation, of all those fundamental elements for the growth of your company and your brand.


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