Round 1 • 26 Mar 2023 • Portugal

Round 2 • 02 Apr 2023 • Argentina

Round 3 • 16 Apr 2023 • United States

Round 4 • 30 Apr 2023 • Spain

Round 5 • 14 May 2023 • France

Round 6 • 11 Jun 2023 • Italy

Round 7 • 18 Jun 2023 • Germany

Round 8 • 25 Jun 2023 • Netherlands

Round 9 • 09 Jul 2023 • Kazakistan

Round 10 • 06 Aug 2023 • Great Britain

Round 11 • 20 Aug 2023 • Austria

Round 12 • 03 Sep 2023 • Catalunya

Round 13 • 10 Sep 2023 • San Marino

Round 14 • 24 Sep 2023 • India

Round 15 • 01 Oct 2023 • Japan

Round 16 • 15 Oct 2023 • Indonesia

Round 17 • 22 Oct 2023 • Australia

Round 18 • 29 Oct 2023 • Thailand

Round 19 • 12 Nov 2023 • Malaysia

Round 20 • 19 Nov 2023 • Qatar

Round 21 • 26 Nov 2023 • Valencia


MotoGP is the premier class of motorcycle road racing events held on road circuits sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

The category was born in 2002, replacing the previous premier class, the 500cc.
The name was changed due to the regulation on the maximum engine displacement, no longer limited to 500 cm³ but differentiated by type.

MotoGP motorcycles are prototypes unavailable for purchase by the general public and unable to be ridden legally on public roads, unlike other categories (such as the Superbike) in which are used elaborate versions of the motorcycles commonly sold.

The minimum age to participate in this category has been set at 18.

Currently, the other classes of the World Championship, divided according to the displacement and the type of engine, are the following:

  • MotoE, uses electric motor, held starting from 2019.
  • Moto3 is reserved for single-cylinder 250cc four-stroke engines and has been running since 2012.
  • Moto2 was initially a 600cc four-stroke class, introduced in 2010, and the engines were supplied exclusively by Honda.
    In 2019 Triumph replaced Honda as the sole supplier. The Triumph’s engine configuration is 765cc displacement with three cylinders.


The MotoGP VIP Village is the official and exclusive Corporate Hospitality Program of the MotoGP World Championship.

It offers its guests high-level premium services for every scheduled Grand Prix.

The Hospitality marquee is extremely capacious, perfectly equipped and located on the roof of the pit lane complex.

It provides a privileged viewing platform and lets you experience the exciting start/finish and pit lane below.

The Gold and Silver Package grants access on Saturdays and Sundays.
Saturday from 1pm to 9pm.
Sunday from 2pm to 9pm.


  • One parking place for every four guests.
  • Walking distance from the VIP Parking to the MotoGP VIP Village entrance.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Comfortable seating for each guest, equipped with elegant accessories and decorations.
  • Live race coverage on TV screens w/o sound broadcasting.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Pit Lane walk on Saturday and Sunday, at set times.
  • Paddock tour.
  • Service Road Tour, at set times, both days.
  • VIP Prize Draw: Pit Wall Experience & Official Merchandise.
  • On Sunday, distribution of the official program.

Fine Gastronomy:

  • Lunch served on Saturday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm and Sunday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.
  • Gourmet dinner served both days from 7pm to 9pm.
  • Free Open Bar, valid both days, without timetables.


The comfort and convenience of the Corporate Area make it the perfect place for your business.

The Corporate Area is a dedicated and private space, located within the VIP Village, ideal for hosting a corporate event and fully customizable according to the needs of each individual company.

The Corporate Hospitality Program has been designed in such a way that every company, of any size and kind, derives the maximum benefits offered by this area.

Ready to welcome large groups of guests, this Hospitality is the right setting for public relations events, press conferences, product launches and other events related to the business world.

It’s almost impossible to find a more exciting place to establish new contacts and new lasting working relationships!

For this Hospitality Option, a minimum of 60 or 80 guests is required, with the exception of Qatar and Japan, where the minimum required number is 50 people.


“Personalization” is the key word to making your event a success!

The area reserved to your company will be fully equipped to ensure a high level of quality and comfort to your event.

You’ll be able to choose the most appropriate service from a range of options to personalize the interior of your Corporate Area.

  • Exclusive dedicated room.
  • Exclusive catering and bar service.
  • Brand Signage: Company name and logo can be applied to the VIP passes as well as to external signage outside the corporate area.
  • Matching tones: Carpets, tablecloths and floral arrangements can be tailored to the corporate image.
  • Flat screen monitors: Showing exclusive Dorna footage.
  • Interior furnishing different options.
  • Interior panels will cordon off your area from other Corporate Areas.
  • Private outdoor furniture.
  • Decorative plants.
  • Dedicated passes for personnel and corporate staff.


What makes your offering unique and different? 

Surprise your guests with a memorable night at a MotoGP circuit and reward them with a truly unique experience.

Exclusive formats of Post Race corporate entertainment are offered, from a casual cocktail evening to a more formal evening dinning event.

The facilities can also be adapted to accommodate activities and events from 7:00pm to 11:00 pm.


This Hospitality Option is the perfect one for individual clients or small corporate groups.

This area brings the opportunity to interact with fellow guests in an open environment, making it an excellent location for socialising, networking and hosting business meetings.

The MotoGP Lounge is right at the heart of the hospitality facilities and has a fun, relaxed atmosphere that ensures what you would expect from a Premium Hospitality service.


Groups of 10 people (minimum) can be provided with a corporate table which is designated by the logo of their company or organisation.

Groups that are less than 10 people will share a table with other small parties.

Wanna know more? Contact us! Our team will be happy to offer you a completely free consultation for the sponsorship of the MotoGP!