Sponsorace Racing Experience

Imagine being able to spend a whole day in one of the most prestigious European racing circuits.

Imagine, now, being able to do it aboard a race car.

Imagine entering the track, the noise of the engine, the adrenaline rising up your back in a straight pushed by over 500 horsepower.

You wish it was reality, don’t you?

Great. ‘Cause it’s not just imagination.

SponsoRace Racing Experience is an adventure conceived and created by SponsoRace in which you’ll find young but experienced drivers ready to guide you through an amazing day.

For this project, our drivers have decided to make all their experience available, gained on the racing fields, organizing courses and sessions on the track for those who want to learn the most correct driving techniques, so as to be able to better deal with anything might come unexpected on the road.

Not just safe and sport driving courses: they’re veritable incentive events dedicated to companies, which allow you to bring your customers on the track, challenging them to see who’s the fastest, to treat yourself or give a training day in the name of fun and great emotions, involving customers, employees, suppliers or friends.


Your day dedicated to the SponsoRace Racing Experience will be full of instructive and fun activities that will create a whirlwind of unique, never experienced before and unforgettable emotions.

Specifically, here’s what awaits you:

  • Driving course (theoretical).
  • Drive of a road sport car on the track, supported by a qualified instructor.
  • Obstacle course to be tackled aboard a standard car, first supported by a qualified instructor, then alone.
  • Safe braking test, still aboard a standard car, supported by a qualified instructor.
  • Pure adrenaline: 2 track laps aboard a racing car driven by one of our drivers.
  • Final challenge: aboard a single-seater driven by you, strictly on the track, you’ll be able to compare your time with your friends, coworkers and/or customers’ one.


But your SponsoRace Racing Experience day will not be special and unforgettable only because of the moments lived on the track.

In fact, for you, your company and your guests we’ve decided to make also the experience linked to everything that’s part of Hospitality different and unique.

How? Offering you:

  • Welcome breakfast at your arrival at the circuit.
  • Open-bar for the entire duration of the event.
  • Buffet lunch with comfortable seats and sofas, so you can socialize with other participants. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to talk about business or do team building activities.
  • Awards ceremony of the day’s events.
  • Distribution of corporate gadgets.
  • 2 boxes of the racetrack that’ll be entirely intended and set up to receive all participants, so as to ensure the best comfort ever.
  • 4 hostesses who’ll provide the event participants with all the necessary information and guide them through the various activities planned during the day.


The SponsoRace Racing Experience isn’t just an opportunity for learning and having fun, but also a great opportunity to promote both your company and brand.

  • Thanks to a free Wi-Fi connection, the event will be streamed and all the guests will be able to share both their emotion and their brand on social media.
  • Each guest will be given a gift bag containing company gadgets provided by the sponsors of the event.
    If you want to, you can also include YOUR own company gadget: a pen, a keychain, whatever you think it’ll best represents your brand!
  • Each sponsor will have a reserved space on the social pages of the event.
  • Sponsors will be able to add their brand on dedicated menus to catering (breakfast, open-bar and buffet lunch).
  • During the event there’ll be interactive walls on which will be projected the brands of the participating sponsors.
  • Eventually, the companies brands will be present inside the 2 racetrack boxes entirely reserved to the reception of all the guests of the SponsoRace Racing Experience.


What are the concrete advantages for companies, guaranteed by the attendance at the SponsoRace Racing Experience?

  • Team building activities for employees, agents and salespeople.
  • Chance of combining fun with business moments.
  • Chance of inviting the CEOs of your customers to live a unique and highly adrenaline-pumping experience together.
  • Attendance at the event of one or more of our champions (not just in the car racing).
  • Chance of dividing the event into several days, thus increasing the individual daily activities.
  • Maximum daily users: 40.
  • Minimum daily users: no limit
  • Wide corporate visibility both on social networks and classic press releases.
  • Organization of logistics completely at our expense.
  • Rental of technical equipment (suit, helmet, etc.) included.
  • Total deductibility of the event, as a business cost, using the “driving course” category.

Wanna know more? Contact us! Our team will be happy to offer you a completely free consultation for the sponsorship of the SponsoRace Racing Experience!